Who are we?

Seneschal & Court Herald: Lady Katharina van Antwerpen
Exchequer team: lady Enara de Ezcabarte & lady Blanche Stone
Chatelaine: Lady Hiltrude von Trivium

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Else of Stretford
WebMinister & Book Herald: Lady Ava van Allecmere

Of course, there are many more members, have a look here at their bio’s!

Lord Aymar du Boisvert

Lady Ysabel d’Outremer

Lady Marzoete van Vlaenderen

Lady Willemyn van Swynaerde

Lord Aymon van de Leye

Lord Torrun Ulfson

Lady Evangeline Gavanel

Lady Blanche Stone

The Honorable Lady Viviana Rowe

Lady Rachel Edwards Rachel’s bio