Many combat activities are popular in the SCA. They all represent those aspects of medieval life we love so much: armoured combat, archery and rapier fencing.

But there are also those medieval skills and artistry that are more peaceful; to name a few here: weaving, sewing, basket weaving, cooking, calligraphy. Have a look, we hope the pictures inspire you!


Become Robin Hood! You know you want to.

Leather work

Make your own shoes!

Weaving & spinning

Learn a new craft and dye your own yarn and fabric.


Always wanted to make art on paper? Now is your chance!

Combat and Jousting

Become a knight!

Learn to cook wonderful feasts

Children in the SCA

The SCA is family oriented and the Society has many activities geared not only towards children and youth, but also towards the family as a whole. Many events and gatherings offer children’s activities for a variety of ages where children can learn more about the Middle Ages through lessons, hands-on arts and crafts, and games.

We encourage our youth participants to find ways to engage in service just as the adults do! As the children grow older, they’ll find opportunities to serve in important ways at events, from helping out in the kitchen to heralding on the field.