Carnevale di Trivium

24-25-26 February 2023

The Shire of Trivium would like to invite you to a fun-filled weekend with mask making, archery and dancing.

You can bring your own mask or make one on Saturday afternoon.

Register here! And get your tickets here.

Site address:

De Kompel, Laan op Vurten 61, 3581 Beringen, Belgium

Beringen is 1hr by car from Brussels in Belgium; 44mins by car from Maastricht in The Netherlands; 90mins from Cologne in Germany.

The site opens Friday at 5pm and closes Sunday at noon.


We have a great Mystery Spy game for you!

The Plague

Saturday, all day 

The villagers of Trivium find themselves startled: The Plague has arrived to their lands!! They must find the patient(s) and hand them to the authorities (aka The Spanish Inquisition) so they can liberate those poor souls from their ailment, and avoid the illness to spread ruining the Kingdom‘s masquerade.

So, as participant, you will have a role and some tokens, with them, you will alternate in the inn in order to get gossip and also, you will be able to accuse your peers to the Spanish Inquisition (everything for a little fee of course).

In the meantime, Patient Zero will be able to infect other people!! And these people can infect other people and so on…There will also be several characters that will cure your ailment, or even make it worse!

Illuminate your mask 

Friday evening & Saturday all day 7€ for adults and 4€ for children

Because there is no Carnivale without masks, but we actually want to give it a little period twist…Then why not practising the noble art of illumination in your mask?? Find and illumination that speaks to your heart and make your one of a kind mask to show off at our wonderful Masquerade on Saturday Night!! 

Dancing your sins away 

With Constance Pemberton Saturday, all day 

Carnivale is the last chance to sin before the arrival of the Lent, so dance your sins away with the guidance of our lovely Contance Pemberton and show your moves on the dancefloor, period style! 

Start your Sourdough Game! 

With Balthasar de Galdonia – Friday evening 1€

Attending a class and taking with you your new best (yet delicious) friend? It is possible with our Sourdough starter workshop, where with just a few ingredients you will get a sourdough starter to take care of and bake back at home. Additionally, you will be able to taste the delicious fruits of your work with freshly baked bread

Payment information:

Weekender (Adult with bed) 56€

Weekender non-member 61€

Daytripper adult 26€

Daytripper non-member 31€

Youngling (6-15) weekender 36€

Youngling daytripper 16€

Munchkin (0-5) weekender & daytripper 0€

Tavern fidelity Card

The Tavern fidelity Card gives you the right to eight drinks from the fridge.

10€ for 8 drinks.

Event staff

  • Event steward: Lady Hiltrude von Trivium
  • Head of Kitchen crew: Baroness Magdelena Grace Vane
  • Plague Game: Lady Enara de Ezcabarte
  • Herald & Gatekeeper: Lady Katharina van Antwerpen

Guest list

Enara de Ezcabarte

Hiltrude von Trivium

Katharina van Antwerpen

Ramiro de Asturias

Angelina Grecha

Evert Storm


Mariken van Oostbroeck

Snor de Vlask

Elisabeth van Polderslot


Antony Fletcher

Viriya of Reengarda

Constance Pemberton

Giles Gyllot

Hedwig Webersdotter

Johanna von dem Eychorn

Else van Stretford

Aymar du Boisvert

Swanhilde von Baerenau

Anke die Baerenfaengerin

Tristan von Baetenau

Balthazar de Geldonia

Emma de Geldonia

Cecilia de Geldonia

Aurora of Wolverhampton

Viviana Rowe

Barobrand Hißgant

Yda v Boulogne

Ysabel d’Outremer

Ellisif Gydasdottir

Jon fitz John

Elric fitz Jon


Michael der Große von Burgen