Carnevale di Trivium

11-12-13 March 2022

The Shire of Trivium would like to invite you to a fun-filled weekend with mask making, archery and dancing.

You can bring your own mask or make one on Saturday afternoon.


‘t Pelterke, Jeugdlaan 4; 3900 Pelt; BELGIUM (4,4 hours from Paris, 1 hour from Maastricht)

Nearest airports:

  • 40 minutes from Eindhoven Airport
  • 160 minutes from Luxemburg Airport
  • 70 minutes from Brussels Airport Zaventem
  • 120 minutes from Cologne Airport

If you travel by Eurostar, you can hop on the train to Pelt in Brussels. Nearest trainstation: Overpelt, Belgium. Pick up service from there available.

Look HERE for more accommodation pictures.


Next to the activities for children, archery and workshops for dancing, mask making and Assisi embroidery, we have a Mystery Spy game for you!

The Plague

The villagers of Trivium find themselves startled: The Plague has arrived to their lands!! They must find the patient (s) and hand them to the authorities (aka The Spanish Inquisition) so they can liberate those poor souls from their ailment, and avoid the illness to spread ruining the Kingdom‘s masquerade.

So, as participant, you will have a role and some tokens, with them, you will alternate in the inn in order to get gossip and also, you will be able to accuse your peers to the Spanish Inquisition (everything for a little fee of course).

In the meantime, Patient Zero will be able to infect other people!! And these people can infect other people and so on…There will also be several characters that will cure your ailment, or even make it worse!

Mask making

If you don’t feel like making a mask at the event, feel free to order one here.

(order before 13 February 2022)

Payment information:

Adult member with bed €45; Adult non-member with bed €48

Child 5-15 with bed €35
Child 0-5 with bed €30

Daytripper adult member €20
Daytripper adult non-member €22,50
Daytripper child €10

Event staff

  • Event steward: Lady Hiltrude von Trivium
  • Kitchen staff: Baroness Magdelena Grace Vane, Lord Aymar du Boisvert & lady Bryndis Hrothgeirsdottir
  • Dance workshop: Baroness Catalina de Zaragoza
  • Spanish Inquisition: Lady Enara de Ezcabarte & Lord Byjorn The Awesome
  • Herald & Gatekeeper: Lady Katharina van Antwerpen
  • Reservations & Royal Liaison: Lady Ava van Allecmere

Registration opens Monday 10 January 2022