Trivium membership is based on a voluntary annual donation; in short, you decide how much you want to pay per year.

The fee to participate at events in Belgium is between 40-50 euros for events. For international events there will be a higher fee.

Information about SCA International membership can be found here.

What to expect as a member?

  • A massive source of knowledge about history. You can do your own research and when you want to share it in any form of lecture, workshops, blogs,… This is Highly appreciated and applauded
  • A very warm, inclusive family friendly society, where everyone is equal. Discrimation based on gender, age and/or religion is NOT allowed.
  • The SCA is a hobby, a way of spending free-time with people who think like you and are interested in living history but it is NOT any form of religious or spiritual community, as a matter of fact, the SCA is fairly religion neutral.
  • Building worldwide friendships
  • On average, most SCA weekend-events withing Drachenwald, can cost about 45€ per person, this includes a bed and several meals, lectures and/or workshops. (This may vary depending on the actual event)
  • On these events you can see friends you made on earlier events, and meet new friends, learn new things, have great fun (yes, believe me, SCA events are awesome!)
  • You do not have to become an official SCA member right away, you don’t have to be at all, you can enjoy events as a Non-sca member, you DO help the SCA as a whole by becoming a member but this is something you have more than time enough to consider
  • When you DO become an official paying member, you get a discount for events.

So, the SCA and/or Trivium is NOT…

  • SCA is not reenacting. You can wear modern glasses, you are allowed a cellphone to make cool selfies. If you have trouble buying expensive fabrics, you can use thrift store materials, or you can ask other members to help you make or by borrowing garb. Be sure to be respectful because lots of SCA Garb is handmade and took many working hours!
  • The SCA is NOT a dating group. Not to say that no one ever met the love of their life within the SCA, of course. Just letting you know that most people go in with the idea of learning skills and gathering knowledge.
  • The SCA is not a platform for political or religious debate. Leave those at home.

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